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We are designer ready to make your idea shine. We create character, 3d animation, architectural rendering and interactive application through unity. We can design your brading and all the supporting visuals required for your marketing.

We can work from a simple idea or very complex technical drawing. Either it's a project start, architectural project, 3d animation advertisement or a brochure, we are ready to help.

modélisation 3d architecturale et autres

3D rendering

We can create anything in 3D with extreme detail and precision. Any consummable goods, building, interior view, character or web side asset.

animation 3d architecturale et autres

3D Animation

We give life to your product ! 3D animated advertisment, virtual visit of an architectural project or a product demo, etc.

conception graphique et illustration divers


We do graphic design, 3d character design, scenario for advertisement and branding.

animation 3d architecturale et autres


We produce 3D virtual interactive tour through the real time rendering engine Unity. It's a new truely immersive way to present your project.
Our demo

Our team

Our group is filled with experience and passion. We love contemporary design.

Creation process

Here how we work on your project to allow a creative flow.



  • Client meeting
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Development strategy


  • Sketch
  • Client approval
  • Scenario
  • Design
  • Preliminary approval


  • 3D environment
  • 3D models
  • Lighting
  • Textures
  • Animation

animation 3d

3D Animation

  • Camera animation
  • Character animation
  • Scenario validation
  • Client approval


  • Final rendering
  • Video editing
  • Final revision
  • Client approal


  • Client follow up
  • Corrections
  • Adjustment
  • Debriefing

Recent work

Here is a few project we worked on in our 3d animation studio of Montreal. Some architectural illustration and 3D animation.


Here are some other projects we worked on.

  • All
  • Character
  • Architecture
  • Advertisement
  • In-house projects
  • Animation 3D
condo Ezra architecture 3d
Ezra - Lounge Animation 3D - VIDEO
condo drummond architecture 3d
Drummond - condo Design - 3d animation - architectural rendering
mascotte tactik
Tactik Télé Character design - contest
Happy hunter personnage
Happy Hunter Character design - 3d animation
condo 3d
Drummond - condo Architectural viz - 2d plan - 3d animation
condo Ezra architecture 3d
Ezra - Penthouse 3D Animation - VIDEO
urb illustration architecturale
Urb - condo Design - architectural rendering
falcon tx
Falcon TX 3d modeling and rendering
pressure cooker
Pressure Cooker Product design and branding
muz cuisine
Muz - condo Scavolini's kitchen rendering
GAP - store Branding - design
Oeuf Fabergé
Oeuf fabergé Advertisement illustration
Drone supersonic Design - rendering - 3d animation
Logo efecks studio
Efecks studio Logo design - illustration
Condo Drummond
Drummond - condo Advertisement - architecture - 3d animation
WiU chargeur
Wi.U Design - advertisment - illustration
espace bureaux - Lemay
Lemay - Espace à bureaux Animation 3D - VIDEO
Christina America - Bodywrap Advertisement - 3d animation
Klimpsy personnage 3D
Klimpsy Character design - 3d animation
Plan 2D Metropol
Metropol - condo Sales plan - branding
Noel 2015
Christmas 2014 Unity - design - animation - level building
Festival Mediéval
Medieval festival Design - branding - 3d animation
Architectural rendering 3D modeling - illustration
Flintstones 3d modeling


We have confidence to offer you the best price and the best value. For this reason, we guarantee the best price! If you receive an equivalent bid to ours, we will offer you the same price minus 10%.(see details)

See the table below to better understand the factors affecting budgets and production costs. I invite you to contact us for a free estimate. Our studio can offer an optimum budget for your needs or develop a product or solution from your budget and schedule.

Submit your application and your idea with as much information as possible and we will provide you a price estimate in 24 hours.

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Please tell us more about your project and we will help you.

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3D animation - advertisement - architectural rendering - Unity - design - branding !